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Slurp! Fuel Retail is the brand new fuel retailers operating sales system. Compared to the more traditional standalone terminals, this system is a modern and secure iPad-based solution. This is suitable for all kinds of businesses because it has
Baru-baru ini, pihak kerajaan telah mengumumkan Program Subsidi Upah 2.0 (PSU 2.0). Ini merupakan satu berita baik terutama sekali kepada para majikan yang berkelayakan. Sebelum ini, Program Subsidi Upah ini mula diperkenalkan di bawah Pakej Prihatin pada 27 Mac
Yes, you heard it right. From 7 December to 21 December, the Ministry of Finance has opened up the Special Prihatin Grant (GKP) for appeals. So, what does this mean for SMEs? Can every SME appeal for this? To
Going online is now more important than ever for businesses because of the current COVID-19 situation. Lucky for you, Google My Business is here to help. There are not many people going to physical stores like last time and