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The Power of Customer Support Team in a POS System

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Nowadays in the vast choices of point-of-sale (POS) systems, a key aspect stands out to Food and Beverages (F&B) merchants: Customer support, or now more widely known as Merchant Success.

Quick and responsive support is crucial as F&B in current times depends more and more on POS systems to optimize their operations and to provide excellent customer experiences.

This blog will demonstrate the importance of a Merchant Success team when choosing a POS system and how Slurp! POS is the perfect solution for our customers that leads to business’ success.

Imagine, you just signed up for a POS system but you’re clueless how to fully utilize it at your restaurant. And there’s nobody to guide you. Isn’t it frustrating? This is why Slurp! provides Merchant Success to support your journey.

You may not notice, but not all POS providers offer customer support to their merchants. It’s true! Not even basic responsive support. Some POS providers even charge their merchants extra fees if they request for technical guidance (true story btw). However, that’s never the case with Slurp! POS.

Merchant Success at Slurp! POS is one of the best in this industry. Why? Because whenever you encounter any issue with our system, you can right away contact our Merchant Success for help. Furthermore, there is no extra charge afterwards because customer support is already included in your renewal fee.

So, what makes Slurp’s Merchant Success the best customer support in the POS industry?

1. We guide you how to fully utilize the POS

New merchants in the F&B industry may find it difficult to use a POS system. This is where Merchant Success comes in—the guiding light that helps you understand the POS puzzle. We take you by the hand and explain each function to help you understand it better and utilize the system to its fullest extent. With Merchant Success, put your worries away and experience the power of streamlined POS features!

2. We train your team step-by-step

Using cutting-edge POS systems may appear intimidating at first, but don’t worry! Our Merchant Success team is ready to help you solve the puzzles and we turn beginners into professionals. We walk you step-by-step through the installation procedure with the help of one-to-one training sessions. Imagine having a reliable mentor teaching you the tips in taking customer’s orders, managing the cash flow, and pulling out useful data from your dashboard reports.

3. We always answer your questions!

Here’s the best part, Slurp’s Merchant Success is our customer’s go-to hero for solving issues! Our Merchant Success team is the touch point between Slurp! POS and our merchants. Have you ever experienced a system crash or tangled cables? No worries! Merchant Success will step in to identify and resolve difficulties, offering a stress-free POS experience.


As you can see, Merchant Success is the backbone in Slurp! POS. Because just like the name, we’re really passionate in training and guiding our merchants to their success. So, what are you waiting for? Discover how our excellent Merchant Success team helps your restaurant prosper. Sign up for a FREE DEMO today!

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