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We at Slurp! are always on the lookout for people to be a part of the team to serve SMEs to FORTUNE-500 company. 

We are founded by an All Malaysian team which believes in helping grow the next generation of local technology heroes. 

From internships, tech to business development roles there is something for everyone at Slurp!. 

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The Minds

Zara Aida Razali

Director & Co-Founder

Zara began her career in tech as an electrical engineer with Motorola Malaysia.

Her interest in Apple ecosystem has convinced her to join Terato Tech in 2009 as a product develepor when the company has just started to use Apple SDK for mobile apps development.

As Head of Enterprise App Development at Terato tech, Zara is responsible for developing apps which have reached millions of Malaysians. 

Calvin Tam

Co-Founder & Technical Lead

Calvin started out learning technology with Microsoft QuickBASIC while he was at a primary school and progressed into web development during his secondary school years. 

Since his first year in college, Calvin has been interested in Apple technology which took him into experimenting iPhone apps. He later landed a first permanent job as an iOS developer at Terato Tech in 2009.

 Calvin is passionate about transforming existing restaurant management systems into much more efficient and Slurp helps pave the way.

Reza Razali


Reza started coding at the age seven, he began reading Fortune and Forbes at twelve, he co-founded the widely popular Malaysian teen portal at the age of 17, and he started Terato Tech at 25. 

Terato now has grown its team of two at the beginning to a forty people at this time. In between his busy schedules to run businesses as well as speaking engagements, Reza has discovered a new hobby of 3D printing.

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