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5 Must Have Features For Your Restaurant

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Your F&B outlet might be incomplete and outdated without these 5 essential features. Find out below how you can elevate your restaurant towards a top-notch customer & staff experience!


1. Real-Time Data Analytics

Figuring out daily calculation and planning  is important for F&B owners. Every menu, raw stock, and store expenses must be tracked to keep them balanced with your restaurant’s cashflow. Without any real-life data and reports from your daily operations, you might rely simply on wild guesses or gut instincts. These methods can impose risk of inaccuracy or mistakes in your decision making and may lead to major loss in your business.

Real-Time Data Analytics is essential as it helps you to oversee your restaurant’s sales and operations performance. Also, it helps you to lay out accurate and faster calculations for costing and expenses. This may be a game changer for your restaurant, saving and making you money, while significantly reducing waste.


2. User-friendly POS System

The challenges in hiring, training, and retaining restaurant staff is a harsh reality for restaurant owners. To ease the process, your restaurant needs a user-friendly POS (Point-of-Sale) System.

A good POS System is easy to be used & trained among restaurant staff. This helps you to run your business with great coordination and reducing stress on your staff especially during peak hours. Therefore, using a POS System can promote an effective working environment and leads to better staff retention at your restaurant.


3. QR Code Ordering


Covid-19 pandemic has pushed restaurant owners to find alternatives to reduce operational cost; including reducing staff. Here comes QR code, one of the alternatives that increases efficiency especially in the F&B industry.

Many restaurant owners have shifted to the “scan QR to order” method at their restaurants to replace waiter’s role. Implementing QR Ordering at the table simplifies customer’s experience to see your restaurant’s menu while reducing their interaction with your staff. In a way, it helps to minimize the risk of spreading infectious diseases. Plus, orders from customer’s mobile devices are sent quickly and accurately to the kitchen.


4. Staff Attendance System

Restaurant business is an industry that has unconventional working hours and regularly involves work shifts. This is a major challenge for restaurant owners, as they need to record their staff’s clock-in/clock-outs, leaves, and payrolls.

With the use of a Staff Attendance System that’s tailored to F&B businesses, restaurant owners now can calculate attendance and payroll in a short time, plus you can supervise your staff’s daily productivity just from your devices. Hence, this time-saving feature allows you to focus more on other aspects of business that matters more to you and your guests.


5. Flexible Payment Options

Various payment options are now available for customers at business premises around the world. Keep your restaurants up-to-date  by providing a seamless payment process for your customers; either using cash, e-wallet, QR code, split bills, or shared payments.

Furthermore, offering flexible payment options will enhance your restaurant service. Customers are more likely to revisit your restaurant and become a loyal customer as they know your restaurant is a convenient option to dine-in by offering flexible payment options.


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