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When it comes to marketing a restaurant , there are various strategies you may consider. Nowadays, customers increasingly turn to the internet to discover restaurants, and that’s where you should be too. It is important to ensure that your
Pada 16 Mac lalu, Menteri Kanan (Keselamatan), Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri, mengumumkan kebenaran pembukaan bazar tahun ini, susulan penurunan kes harian COVID-19. Sudah tentu ramai teruja dan tidak sabar untuk mengunjungi bazar Ramadan. Siapa sahaja tidak merindui juadah di
It is unrealistic to expect that you and your staffs can make every single customer happy  and satisfied every day. In the age of instant opinions, bad reviews are inevitable — eventually, your restaurant will receive one. As a restaurant owner,
Organic growth is tough; it’s even trickier to actually drive people to your restaurant’s social media page. Leveraging social media and using the platforms to your advantage can help your business to build awareness and drive foot traffic. Firstly,