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Which POS System Suits You Best?


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Not sure which POS system to go with? Don’t worry, we have your back.

With so many POS systems available, each offering different packages at different prices, it might be difficult to select the best one for your restaurant.

Slurp! provides multiple types of appealing packages geared to your specific demands and budget. But how can you decide which package is the best match for you? In this post, we’ll go over our top packages – Snack, Meal, and Feast – to help you decide.

But before we dive in, did you know there are risks you’ll face if you don’t use a POS system? Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

Before signing up for Slurp!, there are a few things to think about. Visit our website to see our features.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our three packages.

Is the Meal Package for you? 🤔


Cost: RM3,990 (Renewal cost RM1,000 for the following year)
Ideal for restaurants with more than 14 tables.

This package is a top choice for many F&B business owners, especially those with daily sales exceeding RM5,000. It comes with premium hardware and is suitable for restaurants that don’t require more than 1 printer. Plus, it makes sales management a breeze with cloud view and comprehensive sales reports.

This package also includes Online Shoplink and QR Ordering. If you’re short on restaurant staff, worry not. With QR ordering, your staff won’t need to take orders at customer tables. Once seated, customers can simply scan the QR code to view and order from the online menu. Moreover, the Online Shoplink allows you to take orders for pick ups and deliveries for customers who prefer to pick up.

If your budget doesn’t exceed RM4,000, then this package is perfect for you. It’s a complete package, with hardware, cloud, QR ordering, and Online Shoplink included! And guess what? You don’t have to worry if the system goes down or encounters other issues because our support team is ready to assist you.

What about the Feast Package? 🧐

Cost: RM6,990 (Renewal cost RM1,000 for the following year)

Ideal for restaurants with ample space like food courts or fine dining establishments with daily sales of RM10,000.


If price isn’t an issue for you and you need more than ONE ordering station, or if your restaurant has more than 40 tables, this package might be right up your alley.

With many tables, your restaurant – spanning approximately 2000sqft – can get pretty hectic. From arranging tables where customers place orders and receive them before you deliver the dishes to their tables, things can get chaotic and lead to long customer waiting times. As a result, you’ll need more than 1 ordering station and more than 3 printers to manage orders and avoid misunderstandings between customers, staff, and the kitchen.



Don’t forget about inventory management – you need to stay updated to avoid running out of items or wasting supplies. So, with the Feast package, it can help you manage your restaurant with ease, reducing the risk of wrong orders being taken and delivered, and reducing your costs of hiring many staff in your restaurant.

Moreover, if your restaurant requires a Customer Display System (CDS) and Waiter Apps, then we recommend you take this package.

What about the Snack Package?

Cost: RM790 (Renewal cost RM500 for the following year)

Ideal for users who don’t require cloud (sales and inventory reports), hardware, and provide pick-up services only.

Although this package is cheap, it may not be the preferred choice for users. However, if you need software to take customer orders without requiring daily sales or cloud reports, you can use this package.

The Snack Package provides access to Slurp! Central for taking customer orders and making payments either in cash or online. Additionally, this package also includes access to QR Ordering and an Online Menu.

Even though you gain access to this software, the Snack package does not include Cloud access for viewing sales and inventory reports. So, if you’re interested in using this basic package, you need to be aware of its limitations.

So, which Slurp! package is the best? 🫨

Honestly, it depends on your restaurant’s needs. There’s a lot to consider before choosing a POS system. Let’s look at the package that’s right for you. Check your eligibility below👇

So, with the answers you’ve received… are you satisfied with the decision made? Want to know how our system works? Get a FREE demo from us now!

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