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Point-of-sale system designed for restaurants


Great features for great restaurateur

Cloud Enabled

Your sales and reports are available for you to access, anytime and anywhere. Always safe and always up to date.

Powerful Analytics

Access to real - time analytics to monitor transactions and payment. Keep track of your beloved customers with ease.

Awesome Support

We have a world-class and flexible support.We guarantee that you'll be able to have any issue resolved within 24 hours.

GST Ready

Slurp! is fully integrated with GST support. Printing tax and receipts that are GST compliant is much easier now.

A revolutionary approach

Slurp! is a revolutionary point-of-sale system for your restaurant. Manage and scale your business easily, in the cloud.

See what's unique with Slurp!

Slurp! makes it easy for you to stay ahead of the competition and make smarter decisions.

Analyse your customers & sales

Slurp! powerful analytics give you the ability to make smarter decisions and stay ahead of the competition

Manage your inventory easily

Setup and manage your restaurant inventory easily, anytime and anywhere.

Track your staff performance

Slurp! makes it easy to monitor your staff daily performance. Record staff clock in/out effortlessly.

A new dining experience

In our effort to shorten the gap between restaurants and online users, we develop an accompanying Slurp! customer app so that your customers can order straight through their mobile phones.

We're trusted and loved by our happy customers

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rated Slurp! POS 5.0 out of 5 on

"Best POS for F&B."

Unlike our previous POS system, Slurp! helps us tremendously by providing real-time sales and inventory information on the Internet and all my partners who reside outside of Kajang can access the reports remotely. Slurp! gives us control to our business 24/7.

Jamaluddin Omar
Co-Owner of Rumah Makan Cibiuk

We like the fact that Slurp! has a user-friendly interface. The other thing is, Slurp! Cloud is a big help for us. It enables us to keep track of our sales easily whenever we have a need to do so. When I travel overseas, I can still access the reports that Slurp! provides on the cloud.

Daniel Goh
Owner of Amitie Cafe

Slurp! is user-friendly. Basically, it is a one-stop center for me. It is easy for me to access all the information I need at one time.

Partner in Don Diner

The most important thing is that Slurp helps us enhance the customer experience. Our customers can also take advantage of a simple way of ordering food using the Slurp app on their smartphone.

Azhani Mastura Yeop Rashid
Managing director of Talent Lounge

I sell food online and ever since I use Slurp!, it helps me a lot in managing my customers orders. It also helps me to interact with my customer easily.

Siti Durathul 'Ain Ali
Founder of A Good Maid

When we start to use Slurp! on our restaurant, it make our ordering process such as taking order from customer to be considerably faster compared to our previous POS system.

Zainab Idris
Owner of La Rizz Cafe

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