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Cafe & Restaurant for Healing in KL & Selangor

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“Healing” is a current buzz among the Malaysian Gen-Z on social media. Healing usually comprises activities that allow the mind and soul to rest after a tiring schedule, or heartbreaks, disappointments. In other words, it’s a journey of “me-time”.

Now if you’re also thinking of scheduling your healing sesh, we got you covered! Let us take you around cafes in KL & Selangor that are perfect for healing!


1. Light Capture Cafe, Kuala Lumpur


@lightcapturecafe on Instagram

It’s like you’re transported to New York as soon as you step in this cafe! Without the hustle and bustle of course.

Located in Jalan Tun HS Lee, this cafe’s open concept and industrial interior design make every corner eye-pleasing. Utilizing daylighting architecture, you’ll get a ray of sunshine wherever you choose to relax in this cafe. And if you’re visiting during the night, this cafe is delighted with neon lights that give a mystery touch on their antique decorations

Light Capture Cafe serves both local & western cuisines, so you’re free to choose any food that fills your cravings. Plus, you can customize your order using their QR ordering.


Light Capture Cafe operates Tuesday – Thursday at 11 a.m, and Saturday & Sunday at 10 a.m. It’s a perfect spot for healing breakfast before you go shopping at Bukit Bintang.


2. Copper Pot Cafe, Subang Jaya


If pasta is your comfort food, Copper Pot Cafe is your healing spot!

Located in USJ 9, we find this cafe’s shaded area under cloudy sky as well as its simple interior exert a calming vibe to fulfill your healing needs. Besides that, this cafe provides WiFi and socket for you to work remotely (ahh perfect escape from office distractions) on Instagram

Copper Pot Cafe is famously known for their wide range of tasty pasta. You surely won’t be disappointed with their delish Spaghetti Curried Vongole on top of its big portion size!

They operate from 9 a.m until 9.30 p.m every day except Friday. Just Waze Copper Pot Cafe USJ 9 and your healing starts in no time.


3. Mori Kohi, Kuala Lumpur


Just 5 minutes walk from KLCC, who knows there’s an aesthetic cafe in a 5-concept bungalow.

You must visit Mori Kohi if you’re a Japanese food lover! On top of that, this minimalistic cafe is decorated with green botanical gardens that give you the zen.

Plus, you’ll be accompanied by aromatic coffee scent while you heal here with Mori Signature Tendon. Definitely oishi! If you’re looking for a light dessert, try their Fruit Caramel Pudding and Oh Matcha Cheese as a sweetener to soothe your soul. on Instagram

Mori Kohi is pork-free, but some dishes might contain alcohol. But don’t be shy to ask suggestions from their staff for Muslim-friendly dishes. This cafe opens every day from 10 a.m until 10 p.m at Jalan Tun Razak.


4. Whatever Works Coffee, Kuala Lumpur


What is healing without music? At Jalan Datuk Keramat, you’ll find a quaint cafe that frequently organizes events like acoustic sessions, standup comedy nights, and hobby workshops. (psst, crypto currencies are accepted as payment here!)

Located 5-minutes away from LRT Damai, you’ll think this cafe is a house. It’s no surprise a lot of people almost took off their shoes when they reached this cafe. More interestingly, this cafe is next to an AirBnb owned by this cafe owner’s family. Therefore, you can take a pit stop here to feel like you’re in Bali. So healing and economic! on Instagram

When you’re at Whatever Works Cafe, you shouldn’t miss out trying their latte and pavlova. Plan your healing visit here from Wednesday to Monday from 9 a.m until 9 p.m. (Tuesday is rest day)


5. Meet Up Cafe, Bangi


Don’t worry Bangi peeps, don’t need to go all the way to KL to heal cause we got a healing cafe here too!

From its appearance, you’d think Meet Up Cafe is an exclusive cafe. But many customers are surprised to find out they can get a cup of large Hazelnut Coffee at just RM8! Moreover, you can get the famous and hot-selling Kenny Hill’s Peach Strudel here. So, now you can skip the queue and just get it at Meet Up Cafe.


This is definitely the place for early morning or late night healing. Meet Up Cafe operates every day from 7 a.m until 10 p.m. Come and visit now!


Most importantly,

All of these healing cafes are using Slurp! Point of Sale. What does that mean? You’re in for healing and convenience at your fingertips. Find out more about Slurp! here.

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