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Top 5 Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make in 2022

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Whew, what a year 2022 has been! And now 2023 is coming in just a blink of an eye.

As a restaurant owner, the end of the year is a crucial time to conduct a post-mortem on your business to head for the new year. It’s best to identify the areas that you’re skilled at and areas that need improvement so you can advance your business better in 2023.

No worries! As a restaurant owners’ companion, Slurp! will help you to enhance and gain the most profit from your business. We’ve identified the top 5 mistakes that restaurant owners make in 2022. See if you’re doing the right thing!

  1. Lack of staff training
  2. Inefficient restaurant layout
  3. Unorganized staff scheduling
  4. Lengthy menu
  5. Not staying up-to-date with technology


1. Lack of staff training


Due to the global issue in hiring restaurant staff, a lot of restaurant owners are hiring just for the sake of filling in the vacancy. Therefore, they often neglect the importance of training their staff. This can lead to poor customer service and a negative dining experience for customers.

Training staff on how to provide excellent customer service can be crucial for the success of a restaurant. This can include things like how to greet and seat customers, how to take orders and handle complaints, and how to provide a positive overall experience for the customer.


2. Inefficient restaurant layout


Surprisingly, a lot of restaurateurs overlook the arrangement of tables and counters into their consideration because they are bound by their restaurant’s concept.

Poor restaurant layout creates obstacles in your staff’s work area, causes confusing order taking processes, and slows down their workflow. Consequently, affecting your customer service quality.

A good layout can improve staff workflow and enhance the overall dining experience for customers by creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. This can help improve customer satisfaction and encourage diners to return to the restaurant in the future.


3. Overscheduling staff


Schedule changes are inevitable. It happens all the time in any operation. But restaurant owners tend to overschedule their staff due to lack of supervision in staff management.

Either you scheduled too many staff in one shift or certain staff are working longer hours than the rest. Overscheduling can cause burn out among your staff and reduce retention that will affect your cost to keep on hiring people.

Hence, having systematic staff management will help you oversee your staff performance and schedule.


4. Lengthy menu

Digital Menu Board


Long list of options in your menu may overwhelm your customer. It will lead them to order things that they didn’t come for or dishes that are not your specialities.

Furthermore, the longer your menu the more cost and space it’s gonna need to stock up your inventory. Therefore, find your restaurant niche and stick to it so you can focus on your specialty’s recipes and maintain your quality.

Suggestion: Online Menu — A Better Way to Order


5. Not staying up-to-date with technology


Modern problems require modern solutions. Nowadays, customers are accustomed to technology in restaurants such as QR Ordering, cashless payment, and also online ordering.

Not staying up to date will put your restaurant at the bottom of the competition and lesson appealing to your guests. Moreover, it may exhaust your staff with repetitive tasks that actually can be automated and reduce their performance in customer service.




You’re in luck because all of the issues above can be solved using one solution – Slurp! Point Of Sale.

As a point of sale, it is certainly your go-to system to manage all of the important tasks in your restaurant and gives you a peace of mind with seamless operation. Slurp! POS is user-friendly with minimal training required, arrange your restaurant layouts, manage staff schedules as well as menu and recipe.

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