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Slurp! Features: Set Menu


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Set menus are all the craze these days and understandably so, it highlights your best offerings.

It can make your customer’s life so much easier while giving them the opportunity to save money.

Instead of wasting time deciding on individual items, they can have a complete set at a (usually) discounted price. Whats not to love?

Apart from that, set menus are also great for you to come up with a combination that can potential increase your profit.

The Bad News

Unfortunately the same cannot be said on the legacy POS system front. Most of the legacy POS system does not come with set menu creation feature and that is a bummer.

With most legacy system, you will have a hard time generating set menus for your restaurants and often times, it creates a headache for the owner.

The Good News

Through Slurp Point of Sale System, you can easily set this up via our cloud.

Simply create a set menu as an item, and then tap on the modifier categories section and start creating categories for your set menu.

For example, in our set menu, we have a main course, a refreshing beverage and a dessert. Therefore we will create 3 modifier categories.

Once done, there will be a “+” button on each category, tapping that button allows us to select which items we want to add to each category.

For example, we could add Milo as a beverage choice to the Beverage choice. Once all items are added to the relevant categories, we now have a set menu!

Set Menu in Slurp! Central
Image: Set Menu feature in Slurp!

In Slurp Central, upon tapping on a set menu, the cashier will be presented with a screen displaying each category and the item options.

If you have previously set up your printers with itemised printing, a small text will show up below the item to indicate that it is part of the set menu!

Now isn’t that nifty? No hassle, no problem!

slurp - increase business

Time to provide offer your beloved customers set menus that they deserve 🙂

To learn more about menu psychology, visit this link.

We’ve also written about the importance of menu creation here.

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