Slurp! Features: Itemized Printing

We strongly believe in providing choices to customers, and it shouldn’t be any different when running a restaurant business. While restaurant patrons should be able to customize their orders in a flexible manner, this should not in turn complicate things in your restaurant. With itemized printing, Slurp acts as the middle man and routes orders […]

Slurp! Features: Split Billing


Bills, Bills, Bills! Split Billing That Is In all honesty, no one likes to dine alone. With technologies we have today, it should be easier to get a group of friends together for lunch or dinner. Well, that remains a debate. However, as human beings, we naturally like to spend time with each other. That […]

Slurp! Features: Discounts

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Discounts for you! Getting customers to come to your restaurant and getting them to try your delicious food can be tricky these days. With so options to choose from and the sprouting of online food delivery, it’s no wonder discount vouchers are getting popular. Apart from creating irresistible offers to customers, discounts have to potential […]

Slurp! Features: Table Management


A Feature You Need Table management is one of the important features that every successful restaurant needs. How else can you track your table turnover rate? Do you track your customer’s order times and their time spent in the restaurant? Are they waiting for more than half an hour because of a miss-communication in the […]

Slurp! Features: Set Menu


Set menus are all the craze these days and understandably so, it highlights your best offerings. It can make your customer’s life so much easier while giving them the opportunity to save money. Instead of wasting time deciding on individual items, they can have a complete set at a (usually) discounted price. Whats not to […]