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Malaysia’s Trending Food 2024 That You Should Explore

trending foods, Cromboloni

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As we all know, Malaysians are often linked with viral food trends. When something goes viral, everyone wants to try it. In an effort to obtain it and avoid missing out, some people might queue in line for hours. You’ve definitely been swept up in these viral foodie trends as well, right? I mean, when so many people are buying and leaving nice feedback, it’s difficult not to become interested and end up making a purchase yourself. 🤭

To ensure that you do not miss out on the newest viral food trends, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular cuisines at the moment. So, have you tried these yet? 😄

#1 Cromboloni 🥐

trending foods, Cromboloni

For those who do not know, Cromboloni is a combination of Bomboloni and Croissant. This viral delicacy in Malaysia, which is often flavored with matcha, strawberry, and chocolate, is popular for its unique appeal and fresh approach to culinary creations. Its attractive presentation and alluring aspect make it impossible to turn away.

However, making a slice of Cromboloni is not as straightforward as it appears, as it requires croissant dough. In Malaysia, viral food that grabs attention frequently results in a slew of sellers jumping on the bandwagon without any pastry-making skills. Therefore, as a discerning buyer, it’s essential to be cautious and not get fooled by mere menu images.

#2 Kek Tapak Kuda 🎂

Viral Food - Kek Tapak Kuda
While on social media, we’re bombarded with images of Kek Tapak Kuda. There are so many filling options to pick from! This cake has gained popularity among Malaysians, particularly cake lovers, and is said that it originated in Brunei. Many have fallen in love with its fluffy texture and rich chocolate filling. Originally filled with chocolate cream, versions with Biscoff, Nestum, and Matcha Crunch tastes have grown in popularity, resulting in a strong demand for Kek Tapak Kuda. Have you tried it yet?

#3 Steamboat 🍲

viral food Malaysia - Steamboat

Steamboat meals have been enjoyed by the Malaysian population (All the time). This type of cuisine has grown trending among many people owing to its concept, which is ideal for foodies who like food hunting or going to steamboat restaurants with friends or family, sitting down to enjoy a meal while chatting. But there’s no issue going alone!

Buffet-style eating allows you to eat as much as you like at reasonable prices. Additionally, a large assortment of seafood, including crabs and tiger prawns, is provided. If you are a meat lover, you may also enjoy lamb, beef, and chicken here along with a variety of soup selections. Not only that, but you may customize the sauce to your own tastes, which adds even more personal touches to this food. It’s absolutely worth it.

#4 Local Brand Coffee ☕

Trending Food - Local Coffee

Local coffee products have become the choice of many due to the Palestine issue. People have been inspired by this issue to support locally produced goods, which are not only good but also wallet-friendly.

Ordering directly through the brand’s app has grown in popularity among coffee lovers who can’t begin their day without a cup of coffee and don’t have time to brew their own. Some of these brands include Zus Coffee and Bask Bear Coffee. Small-scale coffee sellers like Kopi Dua Darjat, Ngopi, Kopi Kisah Kita, and others are also owned and operated by local entrepreneurs.

This change in supporting local coffee vendors shows a desire for greater quality as well as an awareness of community with local entrepreneurs. These local coffee entrepreneurs have the potential to grow successfully in the Malaysian market as the trend of supporting locally grown and trendy food continues to gain growth.


In conclusion, as customers like you actively influence Malaysia’s shifting food environment by adopting fresh food experiences, local food and beverage sellers stand to gain tremendously. It’s exciting when particular foods become more and more popular, and it’s also a chance to try new things and explore flavors. By embracing these hot eating trends, you are not only rewarding your taste buds but also significantly enhancing the income of local sellers, adding to the diversity and liveliness of Malaysia’s food industry.

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