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Restaurant Staff Training: POS System

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Training your staff to use the POS system ensures the smooth flow of their duty and reduces stress at the workplace. On top of that, it helps to keep your restaurant operational efficiency in check.

But one of the most common concerns during POS system training are tech anxiety and security issues.

You’re here at the right spot! Slurp’s support system regularly provides on-site training for our restaurant merchants. So here’s 4 effective tips to train your restaurant staff to use a POS system:

  1. Choose the right timing
  2. Focus on role-based features
  3. Listen for staff feedback
  4. Get in touch with your POS support team


1. Choose the right timing



Training your staff during peak hours might seem like a good idea to get them accustomed to the real situation. However, it most likely will overwhelm them.

It’s better to train your staff during non-peak hours in your outlet when there are fewer customers. Your staff can grasp the skills better when they’re not pressured and rushed to handle a new POS system during waves of incoming customers. Plus, you can avoid errors that can upset your customers.

Different restaurants have different peak hours, so find the right timing in a day to slot in POS system training. 


2. Focus on role-based features



During training, start small by introducing POS features that are relevant to their roles. 

Your waiter doesn’t need to know from A-Z of the POS system when their main task is only taking and sending orders. Besides, dumping all knowledge at one time might cause your staff confusion.

So let them be familiar with the main features to carry out their duties before allowing them to discover the extended features. Fewer mistakes, happier customers.

Tips: Slurp POS allows you to assign roles and access to safeguard your valuables.


3. Listen for staff feedback



Apart from transferring knowledge to your staff, listening to their feedback is also important to ensure the training’s success.

Just by listening to them, you can identify whether they are ready to shine or need additional training time. Whichever it is, practice patience in training your staff to use the POS.


4. Get in touch with your POS support team


Slurp F&B Talk


Rest assured if you find staff training requires extra support. Slurp offers around the clock support, remote and on-site to help you overcome any challenges. 

Slurp‘s well-trained support team is always ready to help you out as they understand customer’s issues in restaurant operations. You can always trust their service to solve your problems as soon as you contact them.

In addition, they do take customer feedback seriously. Therefore, encourage your staff to voice out their opinions about the POS system and send feature requests to the Slurp POS support team for better improvement. 


Most importantly,

Find a user-friendly POS system that allows you and your staff to work seamlessly day-to-day. You don’t need fancy features to run your business, Slurp POS is the expert in providing features that matter for you and your restaurant. Contact us for a free 1-to-1 demo!

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