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9 Best Food Delivery in Malaysia We Never Heard Before the MCO

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Since the MCO started back in March 2020, food delivery service is now considered essential.

In Malaysia, we have many food delivery services offered for us to choose from.

It feels like we have a food court in the palm of your hands.

Besides the popular options such as GrabFood and FoodPanda,  there are a few others you should check out.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in to find out the 9 best food delivery in Malaysia you probably never heard of before the MCO. 

9 Best Food Delivery in Malaysia

  1. LOLOL 

First on the list is LOLOL food delivery.

LOLOL is a platform that provides you with various products and services that can be enjoyed with instant payment in your city.

You can get the food from your favourite restaurant. Besides food delivery, LOLOL also offers services like reservation and pick up.

  1. Pop Meals

Formerly known as DahMakan, this food delivery has undergone a rebranding. 

New name, new colour theme but Pop Meals retains all of its services.

Pop Meals is an option worth considering. You get to choose any types of cuisines such as Malay, Chinese, Western and many more.

Pop Meals also labels food items by including nutritional notes. 

This is to ensure Muslims can choose their meals without having too much to worry about.

  1. Bungkusit
food delivery malaysia

You probably have heard about Bungkusit for its delivery services for any kind of parcels.

But did you know they also offer food delivery services?

Yes, you’re reading it right, you can order your food from Bungkusit!

You can now order anything from your favourite stalls and restaurants.

  1. Delivereat
food delivery malaysia

Founded in 2012, Delivereat is a food delivery platform based by Penangites. 

Delivereat has over 1500 restaurants for you to choose from.

Western? Chinese? Italian? Indian? Everything is here.

Besides that, they also offer healthier options in case you’re on a diet.

  1. Quicksent
food delivery malaysia

Next on this list is Quicksent. This food delivery service allows you to have fantastic meals anytime you want.

There are at least a thousand menus for you to choose from. 

Buckle up. You might take a while to make this critical decision.

Your food will be delivered in just an hour and also the food will arrive hot.

  1. Foodtime
food delivery malaysia

This food delivery platform connects you to your favourite restaurants.

Get whatever meal you would like to have on this platform.

At special times, Foodtime offers special discount vouchers for its customers.

So, you might want to keep an eye on that.

  1. Mammam

Mammam delivers your favourite Asian dishes in front of your house. 

Miss your mom’s cooking? The menus offered by Mammam will remind you of home.

Satisfy your craving for Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes by using food delivery service by Mammam.

  1. Hometaste

Another home cook option that you can order.

Hometaste is a platform that hosts the menu of several home-chefs productions.

Besides that, there are also foreign dishes offered, such as Thai dishes.

This is a growing platform, so you can expect the menus to keep on growing too.

  1. PizzaExpress

Are you a fan of Pizza? This is the dream food delivery service you have been looking for.

You can eat pizza while watching your late-night movies as  PizzaExpress offers free Pizza Delivery until 3 AM.

Besides Pizza, you can also order other food such as burgers, express wings, vegan, salad & pasta and many more. 


Food delivery is something that we should appreciate. It is making our lives easier.

Remember always to smile and say “thank you” to the delivery riders. 

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