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12 Little Known F&B Companies That Make Waves in Malaysia

f&b company in Malaysia

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What’s the best F&B company in Malaysia? You will hear many different answers to this question because people have different preferences.

In this country, we are lucky because we have plenty of F&B outlets to choose from.

Let’s look at the 12 little known F&B companies that are making waves in Malaysia.

12 Little Known F&B Companies That Making Wave in Malaysia

1. Secret Recipe

f&b company in malaysia

Secret Recipe is a Malaysian halal-certified cafe outlet established back in 1997.

The cakes have always been a popular choice among Malaysians for special occasions like birthdays, farewell parties and many more.

Not only that, they also serve various fusion meals and drinks for you to enjoy. 

Today, you can find a Secret Recipe outlet no matter where you go in the country. 

Fun fact: There are over 400 Secret Recipe outlets across Asia.

2. OldTown White Coffee

f&b company in malaysia

The story of OldTown White Coffee is quite interesting because it was nowhere near an F&B outlet when it was founded back in 1999.

The main headquarters is situated in Ipoh, Perak.

Initially, OldTown started as a coffee manufacturer for instant beverages.

Eventually, they started to venture into the food service sector following their success as a coffee manufacturer.

Besides its fantastic coffee variations, this F&B outlet serves a variety of Malaysian cuisine, Western cuisine and many more.

3. PappaRich

f&b company in malaysia

Next F&B company in Malaysia on the list is PappaRich. As Malaysians, we can find this F&B outlet in almost every shopping mall.

Ever since its establishment in 2005, this food outlet has risen rapidly with over 60 outlets in Malaysia alone.

Specialising in serving Malaysian cuisine, PapaRich is also one of the popular choices among Malaysians.

You can also find PappaRich when you’re on a holiday as it has expanded its operation to other countries such as Australia, Singapore, America, China and South Korea.

4. Marrybrown

f&b company in malaysia

Besides the giants of the fast-food industry such as KFC and McDonald’s, Marrybrown which is a Malaysian F&B outlet has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

At present, Marrybrown has over 130 outlets all over Malaysia.

You can find Marrybrown outlets in over 20 countries!

5. The Manhattan Fish Market

f&b company in malaysia

Did you know The Manhattan Fish Market is actually from Malaysia and not from Manhattan, New York? 

This outlet specialises in serving American and Mediterranean-style inspired seafood. It is a big hit among Malaysians.

6. Sushi King

f&b company in malaysia

You might thought this F&B company is from Japan because after all, sushi originated from Japan. 

Well, technically it is, the founder is a Japanese who was based in Malaysia. 

Whenever someone mentions Japanese food, Sushi King pops up immediately in many people’s heads. 

The dining experience itself is unique and exciting for many. Hence, that is why it is a popular choice among Malaysians.

7. Big Apple Donuts and Coffee

f&b company in malaysia

A long queue is a common sight whenever we see this outlet in the shopping mall.

The first Big Apple Donuts and Coffee outlet was opened in The Curve in May 2007.

Up until this day, this outlet is a fast-growing chain store and you can find this store nationwide.

8. Juice Works

Want to drink something healthy? Why not try some fruit juice from Juice Works?

Here’s a fun fact about this F&B outlet: Juice Works was founded by a pharmacist.

Today, many Malaysians from all across the country are passionate about drinking healthily while having fun exploring the choices offered by Juice Works.

9. San Francisco Coffee

Are you that type of person who just simply can’t go through a day without a cup of coffee?

San Francisco Coffee is an option you can consider. Founded in 1997, this Malaysian based coffee outlet has grown to over 30 outlets within Klang Valley alone.

10. 1901 Hot Dog

Hot Dog is comfort food for many people and this Malaysian-based outlet serves a variety of hot dogs.

Although the name states 1901, this outlet started in 1997.

Up until today, you can find this outlet in many shopping malls all over the country.

11. The Chicken Rice Shop

From the name itself, you can already tell they are the experts in preparing top-quality chicken rice dishes. 

This F&B outlet was founded in the year 2000 by a mother-daughter team.

The concept was a marriage between a Hainanese chicken rice recipe with their Penang heritage to form the family-concept food chain.

12. Nelson’s

Famous for providing sweet and succulent corn to customers in shopping malls.

This outlet has since expanded tremendously both locally and internationally.

There are over 80 Nelson’s outlets in Malaysia alone. 

Today, Nelson’s now has at least 800 outlets spread across 16 countries!


These F&B outlets are certainly strong enough to compete with big international outlets.

Their ability to attract customers from all walks of life is nothing short of impressive.

One thing all of them have in common is they are all still growing and expanding not only in Malaysia, but also multiple countries all over the world.

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