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Boost Payment – Your Digital Wallet That is Taking Over Malaysia

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Boost Payment – Your Digital Wallet That is Taking Over Malaysia

Mobile trend is not a trend, but a movement. With more than half of the world’s population uses a smartphone, more and more brands are seeking for alternatives to penetrate through the consumer’s mobile world. Here’s where digital wallet come into place.

Ever since the hype around successful e-Wallets such as AliPay, Google Wallet and Apple Pay, the market for digital wallet in Malaysia has soared.

Fortunately for us, the digital wallet that everyone has been raving about is finally here.

Boost payment digital wallet

Introducing Boost, Axiata’s full grown digital wallet app that transforms the evolution of transaction in this era of digital world. It is built to simplify everyone’s daily transactions and diminish the hassle of carrying physical cash.

Boost Payment is tailored to Malaysians’ lifestyle needs with a touch of cutting edge digital technology. Transactions has never been easier, faster and secure.

Boost Features

  1. Add Money РUsers can effortlessly add money into their Boost Wallet with a wide selection of online banking options offered such as Maybank2U, CIMB Clicks, RHB Now and more.
  2. Scan and Pay – Users can pay with Boost via QR Code payment at any participating merchants with ease such as Boost Juice, KGB, Krispy Kreme and more.
  3. Send Money – Users can send money to family and friends instantly with no interbank charges.
  4. Purchase Vouchers – Users have easy access to amazing deals by established brands such as Steam, Lazada, Zalora and more.
  5. Top-Up Prepaid – Users can easily to top-up prepaid on-the-go from popular telco partners such as XPax, Hotlink, Digi and more.

In today’s ever-changing cyber race, it is no surprise that digital wallets would gradually become the new mean of tap-and-go consumerism, streamlining day-to-day transactions.

Though, there is one main question circling around this technology. How exactly would it affect brick-and-mortar businesses?

Whether you are in the F&B or retail industry, digital wallets have the potential to increase revenues and decrease operating costs… And of course, that’s not all.

Boost Merchant’s Benefits

  1. Know Your Business – Customer insights and business performance.
  2. Drive Footfall – New online sales channel, customer loyalty platform, brand exposure and increase in outlet visibility.
  3. Communicate with Customers – Merchants can effortlessly send any on-going promotions to customers.
  4. Lower Business Cost – Competitive Merchant Discount Rate and fast settlement.
  5. No Loose Change – Simpler cash management.
  6. Safe and Secure – Assist in cash transit and no leakage.

Leveraging a digital wallet to expand your business is one thing; establishing a healthy relationship with your customers is another.

By having a consumer-centric shopping experience, digital wallets can improve customer experience and further the merchant’s brand proposition.

Thinking of a new strategy to expand your business? Stop missing out on this technology to build a stronger brand for your business and know your customers better. Expand your business today by signing up for a FREE demo with Slurp! today!

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