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Slurp! Restaurant POS – Increase Profit by 30%

slurp - increase business

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slurp - increase business

Increase Profit

In the food & beverage business, restaurants are constantly trying out various methods to bring in more revenue for the business and increase profit.

Most if not all will end up offering discounts to quickly pull in customers to the restaurants, which can easily end up costing more money. An area that is often overlooked by restaurants to boost the bottom line is the restaurant point of sale (POS) system.

What if we tell you that Slurp! restaurant POS can help you boost your profit by 30%? Interested? Read on to find out more.

(Disclaimer: Any figures are not meant as an actual guidance. The figures used are just conservative estimates of the possibilities for your business.)

1. Sales Tracking – 10%

slurp - sales tracking

Most restaurants use their POS system only as a simple cash register; to process payments from customers for their meals. But what if you are tracking you sales data?

Or taking things one step further, a restaurant point of sale system that allows you to quickly compare sales performance and/or profit across any time period?

This information can help you to constantly innovate and improve. Cut underperforming items from the menu, introduce new set meals on slow days and many more to increase profit and bring cost down.

2. Inventory Management – 10%

slurp - inventory management

There is a shocking amount of restaurant inventory that ends up expiring. There are many reasons to this but one of the top factors contributing to this waste is underutilisation of ingredients. This also reflects on the lack of data when you make your purchase decision.

What if your restaurant POS system allows you to track your inventory in real-time, detect underutilised ingredients and provide a stock audit trail? The information collected will allow you to purchase popular items in bulk (hence cheaper), purchase ingredients in advance before they run out (which help maintain sales), to tweak your menu to use underutilised ingredients, limit potential waste and stop potential theft.

3. Table Management – 5%

slurp - taking orders

Taking and managing customers’ orders with pen and paper is inefficient and error-prone. Not only that, there is no proper way to keep track of the waiting time of your customers. Slurp! restaurant point of sale system helps you address all the pain points through the waiter app which your staffs can take orders on a tablet or even on their own phone; which reduces error. Each order taken will then be sent immediately sent to the kitchen to be processed. The average waiting time and time spent by your customers can then be tracked and managed accordingly on the central restaurant POS system.

4. Employee Management – 5%

slurp - employee management

Finally, the ability to track your employee’s performance can be the most underestimated area in any restaurants. Knowing the clock-in and clock-out time, and also average number of orders processed by your employees will help you to remove underperforming employees while rewarding the performing employees. After all, a happy workforce leads to an overall better experience for your customers. And a good customer experience leads to returning customers.

With all these features and benefits with Slurp! restaurant POS system, getting an increase of 30% in your profit becomes a very conservative target. The next question is, how important is it for your restaurant to get an increase of RM50, RM100, RM500 or even RM1,000 in daily profit?

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