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Top 7 Benefits of SLURP F&B POS

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Slurp Point of Sale (POS) system might be the best investment that you can make for your business. Whether you are new to the idea or have considered using an iPad as your POS system, upgrading to a cloud-based software from your legacy-based machines will allow you to take advantage of the latest in technology to potentially increase the revenue and reduce the cost of your restaurants. Below are the Top 7 benefits of Slurp POS system that more than 400 restaurants are enjoying.

1. Sales Tracking

As a business, being able to monitor and react closely to cash flow can make or break a business. You can now track customers’ orders as they come in, compare the data to your previous sales and decide how to improve sales from here; perhaps introducing set meals. Not only that, you no longer need to wait for your restaurant to close for the day to analyse the data because you can now do it over the internet as it happens.

2. Increased Mobility

Do you want to be able to only access your data from your restaurant or would you like to be able to do it on your phone? Slurp™ F&B POS system allows you to do just that as long as you are connected to the internet; doesn’t matter where you are. On top of that, as the system is an iPad-based system, you can just easily bring your Point of Sale system to where you would like to set up your shop (yes, even on the roadside!).

3. Increased Data Security

Storing your restaurant’s data in the computer placed in your restaurant is putting your data at risk of being physically stolen or damaged. The data is as good as gone if the computer breaks down or get stolen.

With the Slurp™ POS, the data that tracks what your customers order, the top-selling food and more can be stored on the internet. The data are easily retrievable. Access can be given to the authorised users only. Backup and security has never been easier.

4. Streamlined Information Management Across Multiple Locations

One of the laborious processes that restaurants can go through is upgrading the menu and price in one outlet, before manually updating the changes in each of the system in each restaurant. How simple will things be if updates on one outlet’s system are reflecting on the remaining outlets? With Slurp™ iPad Point of Sale system, you can do just that!

5. Faster Speed

How fast can your staffs take the orders of the customers? If each order can save you anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, that can translate to a higher table turnover. In the restaurant business, higher table turnover equals to higher revenue. Besides, how much time does it take to train a new staff to learn about the system put in place in the restaurant? Our system is so easy to use that it often only takes a few hours to get a new staff to familiarise with the system.

6. Cost Benefits

Legacy system requires a huge upfront cost to purchase and install. The software usually outdated within a year or two. Upgrading the software is usually very expensive that most restaurants just decide against upgrading, often forgoing the opportunity to use the latest technology to improve their business. A cloud-based system like ours allows you to constantly enjoy the latest features that we have to offer to improve your business; with only a minimal annual subscription fee.

7. Great Customer Service

We have a world-class and flexible support. We guarantee that you’ll be able to have any issues resolved within 24 hours.

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