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Be Cashless With SlurpPay

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SlurpPay, open your doors to a new wave of customers. These days credit cards are prevalent all across the country, due to the fact that banks have been handling out free gifts and cash backs like gangbusters. This creates a friction for your business with your customers, when you don’t accept card payments.

The fear of losing out on cashbacks and other credit card benefits causes customers to prioritise their purchases and dining choices to places that do accept card payments. Other than that, if expenditures at your outlet exceeds RM100, chances are, people would be walking out with an empty wallet after spending at your outlet, and that creates a bad impression to your brand.

SlurpPay makes card payments a breeze. Getting your Slurp! POS system ready for card payments couldn’t be easier! Once you receive your SlurpPay card terminals, connect the devices via bluetooth and sign in your SlurpPay account. There is no step 2.

SlurpPay also offer multiple providers to accept card payments, for express sign-ups go with Mobiversa MPOS, or competitive rates with GHL AirPos. Either way, you are in safe hands with these providers as they are certified secure.

Did we mention that SlurpPay is also CHIP & Pin compliant? If you are having one of those old terminals that does not support CHIP & Pin, switching to SlurpPay saves you money as those terminals can cost a bomb to replace. SlurpPay also offers FULL integration with Slurp! POS, no need for double entry on the card terminal and on the POS, just swipe and the POS will record the transaction automatically.

So what are you waiting for? Open your doors to the cashless future!

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