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Slurp! Central Gets Key Upgrades To Boost Speed

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Speed is important in customer service. Running a restaurant or café business means you’ve got keep an eye on speed in order to keep customers happy.

At Slurp! we understand your business and commitment to making a customer’s dining experience the best one. We are here to support you and we’re pleased to inform you one of our latest upgrades to Slurp!, is about speed.

Recently we did some major upgrades to our Slurp! Central that functions as the main dashboard to the entire POS system. Our product team has reengineered Slurp! Central version 4.0 from the ground up and installed a brand new database engine.

Database engine

The new database engine is not only three times faster than the legacy, it also allows for parallel processing to support larger amount of database that utilizes the Slurp! system at any time. Consequently, this could help prevent bandwidth bottlenecks.

As for our customer support team, they can now easily inspect and investigate when a problem arises – thanks to a powerful reader software that is based on the easy-to-read format of the new engine.

Finally, we’ve worked hard to get the new database engine up and running to improve the way customer orders get processed and to make Slurp! POS perform efficiently for your outlets.

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