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Customize Receipts Via Slurp! POS

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Ever wanted to have your restaurant/cafe logo on customer receipts? Slurp! POS lets you do this with just a few clicks of a button.

With Slurp! you can customize the header and footer of your receipt to contain details of your choice. Here are a few steps to follow when you want to add a logo and edit the header and footer of your receipt after you are logged on to Slurp! Central.

  1. Click on ‘Change receipt logo’ Click on 'Change receipt logo'
  2. Select your logo Select your logo
  3. Add/edit details for Receipt Header Add/edit details for Receipt Header
  4. Add/edit details for Receipt Footer Add/edit details for Receipt Footer
  5. That’s it and you are done! You're done

Additionally, here are a few extra things that you could perform with Slurp!:

  • You can switch from a standard receipt to text mode receipt by HOW;
  • You can adjust the margin for order sheets in a standard receipt

Go ahead! Make use of the receipt customization feature today!

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