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Thermal or Impact Printer? No Worries, Slurp! Gets You Covered

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Would you prefer a thermal or impact printer? What we’ve discovered is that, some restaurant owners would prefer to print kitchen receipts on non- thermal paper because it can hold the wordings a.k.a. order items on a receipt better than thermal paper when it gets exposed to kitchen heat.

So for this purpose, some would resort to an impact printer.

As of recently, we have expanded our support to include this type of printer. This means, if you are running a restaurant and using Slurp!, you can start printing a kitchen receipt using an impact printer and on a non-thermal paper roll.

Thermal or impact printer?

With the latest addition, Slurp! POS now supports both thermal and impact printers. For those of you wondering about the difference between thermal and impact printers, we’ve prepared the following chart for you.

Difference between thermal and impact printer

At Slurp! we usually recommend our customers to use thermal printer but of course if you would prefer an impact printer, we have them too!


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