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Slurp! Customer Story – Don’s Diner

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When Aliyah and her business partners started Don’s Diner restaurant back in early 2015, they relied on a POS system that included a touch-screen LCD monitor. However, that had quickly changed as the team decided to look for an alternative POS solution that would be easier to use and have better support services. So the team chose to switch to Slurp! cloud-based POS and they have been using it since February 2015.

Slurp! lets Aliyah and her team set up and manage restaurant menu easily through an iPad. They can also key in any changes to the menu whenever it is necessary and without a hassle. The restaurant also takes advantage of Slurp! waiter app used for order taking – adding efficiency to the overall operations.

With Slurp! Aliyah and her business partners are able to access daily sales reports directly from their smartphone from anywhere and at any time. She explains, “I was in Hong Kong recently and could access our daily reports using just my phone.”

“Slurp! is user-friendly. Basically, it is a one-stop center for me. It is easy for me to access all the information I need at one time,” Aliyah says.

Aliyah is using Slurp Central to manage Don's Diner
Aliyah is using Slurp! Central to manage Don’s Diner

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