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Engineered from the ground up, the entire Slurp! POS ecosystem consists of




Slurp! POS

Slurp! Central is a new POS software system for retailers. It is customizable and installed on an iPad. It offers the capabilities to manage contents related to menu, such as availability and pricing, to you as the user.

You are also able to manage employee check in and checkout times through Slurp! Central. And even better, it enables you to build a better customer relationship through implementation of loyalty programs, targeted promotions and vouchers.

Slurp! Waiter

Used by waiters, this app allows them to receive and manage orders from customers. Waiters will now have the opportunity to tap into the power of a next generation POS system, they become part of the system's efficiency once they are equipped with any low cost Android Device that is running Slurp! Waiter app.

The waiter app alerts waiters when there is a bill request or an order that is pending delivery, and allows them to instantly send orders to the kitchen through their devices.

No more bell calls and hand waving, just great service from waiters when they are equipped with Slurp! Waiter.

Slurp! Cloud

Slurp! Cloud is an information repository and POS management system portal for Slurp!’s subscribers. It provides authorized users with access to analytical reports derived from data from a synchronized POS system and a dashboard where users can manage feature settings and more.

Slurp! Cloud is suitable for both single and multi-location F&B outlets. Users can access Slurp! Cloud via any web browser using any computing device at anytime and anywhere.

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