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Slurp! POS System required Wi-Fi signal to communicate with the devices. This video is to show you how to connect the Wi-Fi in your iPad.

Slurp Central only applicable for iOS 13.0 and above. Follow these step below to check your iOS version.

For some reason, your iPad need to be restarted in order to properly function.

To download static QR using your iPad, it is require to unblock the pop ups on Safari.

Refer to this video to disable Block Pop-Ups:

To make sure Slurp Central works properly, you need to make sure to always open the Slurp Central. To avoid the Slurp Central to be inactive, do not turn off the iPad’s screen.

Refer to the video to set Never auto lock the iPad’s screen.

In order to connect printers in Slurp! POS System, you need to enable Local Network function in iPad. This is applicable for iPad with iOS version 14.0 and above.

For any report from Slurp Central that you want to email, you are required to login your account to the Mail App.