Tingkatkan Aras Prestasi Restoran dan Ringankan Beban Semasa PKP dengan GetOrders dari Slurp

Apa itu GetOrders? Getorders adalah satu platform online yang diwujudkan bagi membantu dan meringankan beban pemilik F&B, PKS, peniaga-peniaga runcit dan sesiapa sahaja untuk memasarkan perniagaan mereka seperti makanan, produk-produk dari segi pakaian, kosmetik dan lain lain secara online di kala kita mengharungi waktu yang mencabar dengan pelaksanaan PKP. Bagaimana saya boleh mendaftar untuk menyertai […]

3 Ways You Can Help Empower Youths through CFG Youth Employability Program

Coffee for Good is an initiative run by Bean Inspired Venture, a Social Enterprise that aims to provide marginalised youth with equal education and job opportunities through the coffee industry. This March, Coffee for Good aims to empower 20 more youths through their Youth Employability Program and they are raising fund for the next 20 days, starts today […]

5 Ways Your Restaurant is Losing Money


Starting up and running a profitable restaurant business is not an easy feat. Even before your restaurant can start accepting customers, you will have to invest in a variety of things. The things include your restaurant space, renovations, equipment, point of sales system, utensils, ingredients, cooks, staffs, marketing, branding and many more. That is a […]

Slurp! POS Inventory Management


When you are running a restaurant business, there are so many aspects of the operations that you need to manage properly right from the get go. It is not just about the food that you serve but it includes branding, menu engineering, inventory management, customer service, staff management, cleanliness culture, cash flow control, marketing and […]

Slurp F&B Talk 4th August 2018

Slurp F&B Talk

Recently, Slurp POS held an event for restaurant owners in collaboration with SukaSucre Bistro. The event was held at their RYU event hall which is just next door to their restaurant. We have been planning to organise a beneficial talk for restaurateurs for a while now. To see it finally happen was a great pleasure […]

4 Simple Tips to Help Reduce Food Waste During Raya (Eid) Season

Slurp Hari Raya Message

HARI RAYA 2018 is ALMOST HERE! Hari Raya (Eid al-fitr) is getting near and Muslims all over the country has started their journey back to their home towns to gather with their family members for the celebration. It is indeed a joyous time of the year for Muslims all over the world. After a month […]