Is Your Restaurant Halal?

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Halal Restaurant With the growing number of Muslim travellers in the world, many restaurants are trying to entice those travellers to dine in their restaurants by offering halal food. Anyone can serve Halal food, including non-muslim as long as it follows the Islamic guidelines. So, are you operating a halal restaurant? So what is halal […]

Planning for your Restaurant Renovation

( Planning for your Restaurant Renovation Most people think that restaurant renovation is the first step of opening a restaurant. Planning for your restaurant renovation before deciding on the menu is going to slow down the opening process, create unnecessary chaos and increase the start-up cost. Renovation should be done only when you are certain […]

Why Menu Creation Is Important For Restaurant?

Menu Creation Menu Creation is one of the most important elements in making a successful restaurant. A great menu doesn’t only explain what a restaurant offers. It can increase revenues too. Menu creation has to be a joined project between restaurant owner and its chef. The simplicity or complexity of the menu will determine the […]