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Leading Retail-tech Innovations

Steady growth with revolutionary retail technological products and services

Our first product was Slurp! an F&B focus Point-of-Sales System which was first launched in 2014.

Slurp! now powers over 800 Petronas fuel stations across Malaysia. We are excited to be in the retail tech space, as there are so much more innovation we can deliver. 

Our strong technical background, and management team has turned us into a profitable business. We have truly global aspirations to expand our footprint regionally.

Our Current Products

F&B Point-of-sale

Helping F&B businesses to streamline daily operations effortlessly with features specially designed to better sell food and beverages.

Fuel Retail Point-of-sale

Streamlining fuel retail convenience store management with revolutionary features that enables for scaleability and easy integration.

What makes us different?

team photo
  • Pioneering retail-tech innovation with our first cloud-based POS in 2014
  • Approaching deployment of  800 Petronas fuel station in Malaysia
  • Daily transactions worth billions, processed with ease with our enterprise-grade architecture
  • Highly profitable with a high net margin with globale potential.
  • We have a team of highly talented and motivated Malaysian developers, QA, customer support executive and designers constantly working to improve our product and services

The Journey

January 2014
Slurp! Remote Ordering
Slurp! launches its remote ordering system
January 2014
August 2014
Slurp! Point-of-sale Released
Based on feedbacks from our early merchants, we've decided to develop Slurp! cloud-based point-of-sale
August 2014
December 2016
Raised Series A
December 2016
December 2018
1000 Outlets Milestone
Slurp! Point-of-sale for F&B reached the 1000 outlet milestone
December 2018
December 2019
Slurp! Fuel Retail Point-of-sale Released
Slurp! ventures into the fuel retail market with Slurp! Fuel Retail POS
December 2019
September 2020
500 Station Milestone for Fuel Retail POS
Slurp! Fuel Retail POS reached 500 outlet milestone, deployed in Malaysia by Petronas.
September 2020

The Current Numbers

outlets in Malaysia and Singapore
0 +
fuel retail POS deployed
RM 0
in sales with 25% net profit margins in 2020
global mobile point-of-sale market value estimated by 2027

Our Business Model

Slurp! delivers innovative solution via Software-as-a-service model to F&B and fuel retailers enabling improved business efficiency and enhancing customer experience.

Subscription Fees

Profit from software license renewals, add-on features and services

Hardware Sales

Profit from sale of peripherals, devices and hardware

Merchant Discount

Profit from discount, offers, packages and promotions

Future Projections

Silentmode is in the midst of a rapid expansion. Every year, our revenue grows by about 100%, and our user base grows at the same rate.

* Projected Revenue for 2021 to 2024

What Are We Asking For

Our Clients

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