Which F&B business type suits you?

With the buzz of viral food recommendations here and there, it surely attracts many food connoisseurs to delve into the F&B business. Are you perhaps thinking of starting an F&B business too? If your answer is ‘Yes’, the first step in beginning your journey is to choose the type of F&B business that you want […]

Better Inventory Management in 2 Steps

Inventory management

You want to be in control of your outlets, keep track every loss and profit, and manage store inventory. But do you wish this job is a lot easier and lesser headache?    Inventory management is the key to efficient store operations and smooth cash flow. But in a super fast-paced industry, you’re prone to […]

5 Ciri Yang Perlu Ada Di Kedai Makan Anda

Kedai makan anda tidak lengkap tanpa 5 ciri-ciri dibawah. Baca lebih lanjut untuk mudahkan urusan perniagaan anda!   1. Analisis dan Laporan Data Secara Langsung Membuat pengiraan & perancangan harian untuk menu, bahan mentah, perbelanjaan kedai, dan lain-lain bukanlah mudah. Tanpa sebarang data dan laporan dari perniagaan anda, pengiraan mungkin dilakukan secara tekaan atau mengikut […]

5 Must Have Features For Your Restaurant

Your F&B outlet might be incomplete and outdated without these 5 essential features. Find out below how you can elevate your restaurant towards a top-notch customer & staff experience!   1. Real-Time Data Analytics Figuring out daily calculation and planning  is important for F&B owners. Every menu, raw stock, and store expenses must be tracked […]

What is Inventory System and Why your Business Need It?

 What Is an Inventory System?  Inventory management is the process of ordering, storing, using, and selling a company’s inventory. This is essential to businesses especially F&B and retail operations that provide products, items or food and drinks to generate income. Implementing an inventory system may aid these companies in improving their productivity, lowering expenses, and […]