Slurp! Features: Split Billing

Posted on Sep 14, 2016 by Reza Razali

Truth the be told, no one likes to dine alone. And why should they, with technologies like instant messaging, a single text is all that is needed to get a group of friends for lunch. Of course when it comes to paying the bill, pulling out a calculator to do the math can be a hassle.

Slurp has split billing in mind from the very start when dealing with billing, that is why our interface is developed around split billing. There are several ways you can split a bill in the billing screen. Our favourite, just holding down on the bill, you will enable a selection mode, where you can select the items to split out, then tap on split bill.

Or you can do it in the traditional way, tapping on the 4 squares button and tap on split, press on “+” to add a new customer, then shift the items into the relevant customer.

Split Billing feature in Slurp! Central

Image: Split billing in Slurp!

Once done, you can even split out the bill into several receipts, so each customer receives a receipt of their own. You can even get creative and assign names to each customer, so that they know that it’s their items. Either way, the objective here is to make each customer happy! Happy Slurping!

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