Slurp! Features: Discounts

Posted on Sep 14, 2016 by Reza Razali

Getting customers to know your delicious food can be tricky these days, with so many places to choose from, it’s no wonder discount vouchers are getting popular. Slurp supports all forms of restaurant discounts, whether it is a kind of voucher or your in­store discount.

You can add a voucher type as a payment through the restaurant panel, so that you can track how many of your sales are from vouchers. You can apply discounts to items via modifiers, just create a modifier for the item via our cloud or right on Slurp Central, insert an amount and select “%”, this will apply a discount to the item.

Discount features on Slurp!

Image: How to create discounts in Slurp! Central

What about discounts to the entire bill? Not a problem, just create a discount via our cloud, and it should appear below our option buttons in the billing screen. If you needed a discount that is not specified, you can always key in the percentage amount and tap on “%” in the billing screen calculator.

With so many ways to give discounts, what is left now, is the let your customers know that you have discounts! All the best.

If you’re interested to use Slurp! at your restaurants, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.