Can Slurp! work without the internet?

Posted on Apr 27, 2016 by Reza Razali

Can Slurp! work without the Internet?

Slurp! point-of-sale (POS) utilizes the Internet to record sale transactions allowing better reports and analytics tools to be used on Slurp! Cloud. Prospective customers frequently ask us: Can Slurp! work without the Internet?

Yes! Slurp! will continue to work without any Internet connection. Should the Internet connection is unexpectedly lost, Slurp! will transparently store the transactions ensuring the business can be conducted as usual.

Once the Internet connection is available, all pending transactions recorded while it was offline will be immediately synchronized with Slurp! Cloud. Slurp! Cloud will soon process these transactions and produce additional sales reports for our customer use.

It’s that simple!

Slurp Offline

The cloud icon in GREEN color which means the Slurp! system is online.

Slurp Offline

The cloud icon is in RED color and this means Slurp! system is offline. When offline cashier can work as usual and all data will be uploaded to Slurp! Cloud when the Internet connection is back.

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