Slurp! Customer Story - Tea Verandah

Posted on Feb 2, 2016 by Reza Razali

Tea Verandah's logo

Tea Verandah is another F&B outlet that uses Slurp! POS system.

We recently caught up with its owner, Joan Lee, to ask her about her experience using Slurp! and here’s what she said,

“ We’ve been using Slurp! since we first opened the outlet in May of this year (2015) and it’s been working well for us. I like Slurp! POS because the system provides us with convenience and flexibility. ”

Slurp! was created to help entrepreneurs run their business efficiently and it works even for single restaurants like Tea Verandah. Access to sales information, for example, becomes easier and quicker with Slurp! compared to conventional cash registers.

Tea Verandah outlet

Tea Verandah outlet at Atria Shopping Gallery

Joan further explained about how Slurp! has been helping her run her business,

“I am able to view sales reports at any time I wish and from anywhere using an iPad as long as I have an Internet connection.”

The cozy outlet of Tea Verandah offers a variety of tea beverages, snacks and light meals. Tea Verandah serves all-day Tea Set. It is located at the Atria Shopping Gallery in Petaling Jaya.

Tea Verandah's menu

Tea Verandah's menu

Photo credit: Tea Verandah

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