Introducing Slurp! Cook for Food Sellers

Posted on Jun 10, 2015 by Reza Razali

We are excited to introduce to you a beta version of Slurp! Cook app which is a new tool for food sellers to take their business online by creating a shop on Slurp! mobile app.

At this stage, our focus is to provide Slurp! Cook for sellers of home-cooked foods in Klang Valley area who are looking for a solution to manage customer orders more efficiently.

Our developers have created Slurp! Cook application that is easy to use and no extensive IT skills are required to operate it.

Slurp! Cook points

Slurp! Cook runs on Android-based smartphones and it is available directly from our team. For sellers who are interested in Slurp! Cook, take the first step by sending us your information using the form below.

Read our announcement on Slurp! Cook here.